Feature prioritization for your next product

Basmati helps you and your team deliver features that matter. No more guesswork, just 100% focus.


How it works

Basmati implements RICE methodology developed at Intercom. Every feature gets assigned a priority score based on four easy to estimate values.


How many customers or transactions does the feature affect within a set time period.


How does the feature impact your metrics on a scale of "minimal" to "massive".


How confident you are you with reach, impact and effort estimates, given as a percentage.


How many days it will take to design and develop the feature.


Feature and issue tracking

Manage your features and bugs with ease.

Maintain your backlog with an easy to use dashboard. Collaborate on your tasks and assign them to the right people in your team.


Automatic feature prioritization

Always know what to deliver next.

Your tasks are always sorted according to their RICE score. Have your team understand the priorities, make them transparent to the rest of the company.


Value based analytics

Track your impact over time.

Being busy isn't the same as adding value. By looking at the score of tasks delivered in your last sprint, you can tell how much value you added to your business.

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